Milk Truck Gets New Look!

New milk truck 6.13

It will be easier to spot Wendell on his treks around the Valley of the Sun. Make sure to wave if you see him! Or, give him a call anytime if you have any type of question about our farm. Just remember to call 623-WENDELL (623-936-3355).

It is getting close to the end of kidding season with only 9 girls left to have babies. This means that  we will soon have enough milk to make our gelato and ice cream!

Kidding Season & Cheese Supply

Here is one of the more colorful kids of the 50 born so far this year. This is Pebbles. She and the other kids are really sucking down the milk these days. Not only is it kidding season, but it is also the busy season for the restaurants and resorts that we supply. This makes it hard to have the extra retail for our farmers markets. We hope if you are one of those customers, that you’ll call ahead to make sure we will be attending. It won’t be long though before we catch up to demand. We do have on-farm sales by appointment. Call ahead to schedule a time and see what we have in stock. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for making our little farm viable! As always, give Wendell a call anytime you have a question about our farm, purchasing a kid, or locations and availability of our products … 623-936-3355.

Pebbles coloring is known as "moonspotting". She will change as she grows.

Pebbles coloring is known as “moonspots”. Her appearance will change as she grows.