Why Goat Milk?

goat milk at whole foods
“I’ve tried goat milk and don’t like it!” … BUT, you haven’t tried ours!

Many people have had a bad experience with goat milk or cheese. Wendell Crow has been a milk connoisseur since birth. In fact, he had to be given goat milk as an infant because of digestive problems. But that was the last time he had goat milk for many years. His family co-owned a cow dairy named Prescott Farms Dairy in Northern AZ. After he was taken off the bottle, cow milk was a staple in his life. It was, and still is, his favorite food in the whole world. After marrying Rhonda, she tried to get him to drink the milk from her goats. He would tell her, “No way! The only thing goat milk is good for is to raise calves.” He had tried goat milk from the store and thought it tasted “nasty”. Many years later while on vacation, he had the opportunity — peer pressure prevailed — to sample goat milk and cheese again. Guess what? He loved it! These products had been made from 100% Nubian milk by someone that knew about how delicate goat milk can be. Many things can affect the flavor of goat milk. Even the breed of animal can make a difference in the flavor. Because of the nature of its molecular structure, flavor can also be negatively affected by the collection and handling process. If collected carefully, chilled immediately and packaged gently, it tastes as good or BETTER than cow milk!

Some interesting facts about goat milk:

•Goat milk is higher in total fat.

•Goat milk is much higher in medium chain triglycerides (MCT), associated with numerous health benefits.

•Goat milk has a smaller fat globule size that enhances digestibility.

•Goat milk contains more protein per serving.

•Goat milk contains higher levels of essential amino acids.

•Goat milk contains a percentage of proteins with different structures than cow milk proteins. These differences enhance the digestibility of goat milk protein, and cause fewer allergenic reactions.

•Goat milk does not contain agglutinin like cow milk. Agglutinin is what makes the fat in cow milk separate from the other components.

•Goat milk contains much lower values, and in some cases, none, of the protein alpha-s1-casein. This protein promotes the formation of a hard curd from the milk, slowing digestibility. It is also a major allergen in cow milk.

•Goat milk has a lower carbohydrate level, almost all of which is due to less lactose in the milk. The inability to digest lactose is a common condition, and milk with less lactose is helpful for those individuals.

Goat milk supplies more Vitamin A. Vitamin A in goat milk is not in the form of beta-carotene as it is for cow milk. This different form of vitamin A is what makes goat milk whiter in color than cow milk.

•Goat milk supplies substantially more niacin (B3) and B6.

•Goat milk is lower in folic acid (B9) and B12.

•Goat milk has comparable amounts of the other vitamins.

•Goat milk is higher in calcium.

•Goat milk is higher in phosphorous.

•Goat milk has substantially more potassium.

•Goat milk has more iron and copper.

•Goat milk has more magnesium.

•Goat milk has substantially more manganese.

•Selenium in goat milk has been shown to have more antioxidant activity.

•Goat milk has comparable levels of zinc and sodium.

So, don’t be put off by a higher price tag at the grocery store. In comparing goat milk vs. cow milk, you can see that you’re actually getting more!

A rose by any other name …

pizzeria bianco sign Aaron and Aunt Carol at Pizzeria Bianco (2)
We would sit outside in the Phoenix summer sun from 3-5pm. Usually 110-120 degrees for sure. But it was worth it. Many wonderful memories sweating and playing cards just waiting for the magic minute they would open. It was a ritual of friends and family for many years. The prize for this thermal torture? The first seating for the Sonny Boy pizza. The wood-fired vegetables. YUM! Never would we have guessed that someday this famous PIZZERIA BIANCO would have our name on the menu. They have used our goat cheese for several years and we truly appreciate their support of local farms.

Now, there is a new Pizzeria Bianco coming to Tucson. Wait, that’s not all, they are opening another in the Town & Country Mall in Phoenix. No more need for our ritual card games. You can get a Sonny Boy without the wait at THREE different places. We know this is for the best. However, it was fun to some ‘degree’ sitting there and earning our pie!

Chef Chris Bianco’s Italian Restaurant will be making some smart — and delicious — changes. The increasingly popular chef was recently interviewed by Chow Bella’s Nikki Buchanan about his latest restaurant additions/changes … As for Italian Restaurant’s name, he says, “It was a great story, how I arrived at that name, and it had deep meaning for me, but none of that matters if you have to explain it. If you name your dog Fido, a lot of dogs come running.”

We don’t care what they call it, we will come running for more.

Read the full story below:


Kidding Season & Cheese Supply

Here is one of the more colorful kids of the 50 born so far this year. This is Pebbles. She and the other kids are really sucking down the milk these days. Not only is it kidding season, but it is also the busy season for the restaurants and resorts that we supply. This makes it hard to have the extra retail for our farmers markets. We hope if you are one of those customers, that you’ll call ahead to make sure we will be attending. It won’t be long though before we catch up to demand. We do have on-farm sales by appointment. Call ahead to schedule a time and see what we have in stock. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for making our little farm viable! As always, give Wendell a call anytime you have a question about our farm, purchasing a kid, or locations and availability of our products … 623-936-3355.

Pebbles coloring is known as "moonspotting". She will change as she grows.

Pebbles coloring is known as “moonspots”. Her appearance will change as she grows.




Lovey Howell

We named our little heart baby! For those that are old enough to remember Gilligan’s Island, we named her after Mrs. Howell :)