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Crow’s Dairy is a small Grade A Farmstead Dairy in Arizona. Our mission, as a multi-generational AZ dairy family, is to offer superior quality farmstead dairy products from our Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats. We are dedicated to providing excellent care for the animals and unrivaled service for our customers.

Wendell with some of our foundation doelingsMy name is Wendell Crow and I was born a farmer. I married my high school sweetheart, Rhonda.  She, too, was from a family dairy and farming background. We have four children, six grandchildren and are aspiring to live happily ever after. Our families have been providing milk to the Valley since 1914.  Generational cow dairy farmers, we started the transition from our commercial Holstein cow dairy to a farmstead Nubian goat dairy in 2006. Our dairy goats receive the best of care and are truly loved. We are still family owned & operated.  My daughter, Mary, and husband, Erik, are our partners. I invite you to contact me with any questions you have about our products or goats. 
And, don’t knock goat milk until you have tried ours. It has a fantastic flavor. Trust me, not all goat milk is created equal. Nubian milk made me give up the cow!
Wendell Crow
Call: 623.936.3355
Text: 602-390-2601

Wendell & Rhonda Crow
Mary & Erik Hernandez
11300 S. Dean Rd.
Buckeye, Arizona  85326

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